Kevin: Unlucky? Maybe not.

"We’re moving to a different classroom starting tomorrow because this classroom is being remodeled. We’ll be moving to classroom 205 in the D building, so don’t forget to go to that class instead of this one," your foreign language teacher announced.

"Ugh damn it. My class before this is sooo far from that class, which means I have to walk further," you complained.

You liked where you sat. You were surrounded by your friends who have been taking that same language class with you for two years already. To your right sat a cute boy from France with the sexiest French accent you’ve ever heard. He’s been traveling around the world, so he picks up on new foreign languages very quickly, which was a great advantage to you because he helped you during tests.

Even though your teacher did not assign seating arrangements, you knew there was a chance that people would try to snag the seats next to your friends and the French kid because they wanted to get A’s in that class too. Having a previous class too far from the new foreign language classroom put you in a great disadvantage.

"Hey, can you save me a seat tomorrow, Tiffany?" you asked your friend.

"Sure! My class before this one is near the new classroom anyway."

The bell rang and you walked out of class to finish the rest of your daily schedule.

—-The next day—-

You were at your history class, the class before your foreign language one. It was 15 seconds before the bell rang and you sat there grumbling at yourself, thinking about the long walk in the rain to get to your next class.

Once the bell rang, you shot out of your desk and speed-walked to class.

You finally arrived at the door of your foreign language class, and you found out that all the seats near your friends were taken.

Looking at Tiffany, you shot her a dirty look, and she mouthed “Sorry.”

There were only two seats left open, which were the most unwanted seats at the corner. You took a seat, still feeling pissed off about having to sit far away from your friends and the smart French boy who helped you during tests.

"We have a new student from Danville, California. His name is Kevin Woo. Let’s all give him a warm welcome," your teacher announced. He pointed to the last open seat next to you, gesturing Kevin to sit there.

You looked up to see the new student. You could not believe that someone as handsome as him would go to a school like yours … and you could not believe that someone like him would sit next to you. He looked x10 cuter than the French boy who you used to sit by. Everyone in the class had their eyes on Kevin. The girls on the other side of the room started talking amongst themselves, laughing and giggling while keeping their eyes on Kevin too.

Who would’ve thought that you would get so lucky.

Kevin sat down and you tried not to stare at his flawless looks. Even from a few feet away, you could smell his scent, which made you swoon even more. Kevin turned his head toward you.

"Hi, it’s my first day being here. Since I’ll be staying for a long while, it’d be great if I got to know your name."

"I’m _______," you stuttered a reply, almost forgetting your own name.

"Nice to meet you. I have a feeling we’ll work well together," he smiled cheerfully.

When class ended, Kevin tapped on your shoulder, “Can you show me around school during lunch? I need to go to the book room to rent a textbook, but I’ll be right back.”

You nodded and he took off.

Tiffany caught your eye and she walked over to your desk, “Wow ______. You are so lucky to sit by him. I wish I was the last one to arrive to class and sat in that chair. You have the best seat in the room,” she winked.

Tiffany made small talk with you about the lesson and stopped when Kevin came back from the book room. She left, handing over the conversation to Kevin.

Kevin smiled at you again with that angelic smile that made your heart flutter, “So where were we?”

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Update 11/12/2012

Happy Veterans’ Day!

I apologize for not having a consistent posting schedule. I haven’t been home much every weekend to sit down and take the time to type up another chapter and a scenario. After this weekend the 17th and 18th, I promise I’ll try to find more time to to post up stories.

Thank you for your understanding and for putting up with this hectic writer.

Kevin: Number One Supporter [Chapter 3]

Kebin ran out of your arms and walked besides Kevin’s feet while Kevin lead you to his house. Kevin stopped for a moment and pointed ahead, “That’s my place~”

You looked at the front of the building from its white walls and stone exterior to its furnished windows and polished wooden door. “You look like you have a really nice play to stay.”

"Yeah, but I’m not home most of the time because of schedules and out-of-the-country schedules too.. But when I am home, I’m usually by myself so things get lonely sometimes.." Kevin smiled. You realized that there was a hint sadness in his eyes and for that moment, you wished you can just relieve all that sadness away because such a happy person shouldn’t feel that way.

"But enough about me," Kevin quickly changed subjects, "Let’s get you inside."

You stepped into his house, leaving your shoes near the door. On the walls hung picture frames of Kevin’s family. “The living room is down the hall to your right. Make yourself at home while I go get the first aid kit,” Kevin called out from the room to your left. You took a seat in a white leather sofa and flipped on the tv. Kebin crawled under your arm, curled into a ball, and started sleeping.

Kevin entered the living room with a first aid kit in his hands and put the first aid kit on the table. You lifted up your leg and rolled up your pants to see the damage. Kevin pulled over a chair and sat in front of you, staring at your knee and tilted his head to the right. You reached over to the table to grab a packet of a alcohol towelette, opened the packet, and began dabbing the towelette on your cuts and bruises. You grimaced at the stinging feeling at each dab. From the corner of your eye you can see Kevin still looking at you and suddenly you felt his warm hand over your hand, taking the alcohol towelette and continued dabbing your knee while he blew at your cut.

"When I was little, my mom would blow at my cuts when she applied alcohol. It soothes the pain away and it made me feel much better," Kevin smiled at himself while he continued to dab and blow on your cuts. You looked at him and began tilt your gaze downward and smile at yourself in embarrassment. After all, who knew that you would be sitting in Kevin Woo’s house and letting him clean your cuts for you?

He gently placed a band aid on one of you knees and continued onto the other one. You looked down self-consciously and began to bite your lip.

Kevin looked up, “Does it hurt?” He stopped dabbing and stared at you, raising his eyebrows in concern.

"…No, it actually feels nice. It’s just really strange that you would be helping me with my cuts. You out of all the people in the world, Kevin Woo of U-Kiss," you laughed to yourself.

"I’m just a normal person living a hectic lifestyle."

"A normal person whose pictures/videos are adored and swooned over by over a million fans around the world. Yeah, that’s pretty normal stuff," you joked.

Kevin looked up at you again and smiled with his lips. He finished bandaging up your other knee and stood up to put away the first aid kit.

"I’ll leave some band aids on the table for your elbows and palms. You can go wash up in the bathroom. I’ll put the first aid kit away. The bathroom’s that way," he pointed down the hall.

You gently lifted Kebin off your side, grateful that he was sound asleep instead of getting himself into more trouble than he caused today. Walking into the bathroom, you felt your phone vibrate multiple times.They were texts from Lina.

Lina: 3….
Lina: 2…

You quickly texted her back before she replied with “1.”

You: I’m at Kevin’s house.
You: I coincidentally bumped into him while chasing after Kebin, and it turns out Kebin was with Kevin all along.
Lina: Wow, you are so lucky. I’ll just leave you two alone ;) Good luck!
You: Aren’t you going to drop by and walk me home?!

You waited for over a minute for her reply. You sighed at yourself, knowing that she was ignoring you on purpose because the recent texts were replied with less than 20 seconds in between each text.

You finally texted back with: I know you’re ignoring me. You are soooo going to get it after today >__>

You washed your arms and hands under the sink and splashed your face with water, wondering if this is just all a dream and splashing water on yourself would wake yourself up. You blinked your eyes twice. Nope, this is all real.

After wiping yourself dry and putting on the last band aids, you walked back to the living room. You found Kevin lying next to Kebin and petting his back while watching tv.

Kevin’s face lit up, “hey, are you hungry?”

"I was just eating at a restaurant until Kebin escaped so I’m not—," you stopped mid-sentence thinking about how lonely it is for Kevin to not have people around at home sometimes. "Actually, I’m pretty thirsty. All that running was tiring."

"Alright! Would you like something hot or cold?"

"Do you have some hot chocolate?"

Kevin nodded, “I’ll be right back.”

He stood up and you took over his seat next to Kebin. You lied down on his sofa while watching the tv show that Kevin was just watching. Slowly, your eye lids started to feel heavy. You quit fighting against the drowsiness, so you fell asleep at an instant.

You became slightly awake when you felt a blanket fall over your back, but you dismissed the thought of waking up, so you continued to go back to sleep, thinking you were under the shelter of your own bed or at your closest friend’s house.

What seemed like 5 minutes later, you heard a door bell ring and weight behind you was lifted to answer the door. You heard loud whispering and when you opened your eyes, you saw Kevin and Eli at the living room opening. Eli stared right at you in surprise and Kevin turned around to look at you.

”_______?” Eli asked confusedly.

You quickly sat up and awoke Kebin at the same time. “Hey, Eli …’s not what it looks like.”

Eli looked at you and back at Kevin.

Kevin told Eli, “I found her dog running around the neighborhood, and I guess that’s how we unexpectedly met up. I invited her over, but she fell asleep since I took too long to be hospitable with the hot chocolates.” He gestured over to the hot chocolates —now cold— and asked Eli, “Want some?”

Eli shook his head and laughed to himself, “No thanks. I dropped by to hang out at your place since I know your family’s out of town, but it looks like we can add another person since I brought enough stuff.” He lifted up a bag full of food and drinks.

You were so grateful that Kevin left out the details of the reason why you had to come over in the first place: to fix up your injuries.

"I think Kebin and I should start leaving now to leave you two with your boy date," you teased.

You hurried to grab your bag and pick up Kebin and walked out the door. “Thanks for everything!” You called out behind you as you walked out the living room, giving Eli no time to ask any more questions.

But while you put your shoes on and walked out the door, you heard Eli asking Kevin, “Kebin…..?”

Kevin laughed in reply, “That’s her dog’s name.”

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Anonymous sent: Waeyo!!? please hurry, we'll wait patiently~!!

I’ll have it up in a few hours~ :) I just got home and it’s around 10:45pm PST, but now I have to leave again to go somewhere. I’ll come back in a few hours, and when I do come back, I’ll post the story up! Sorry for the wait T__T

Update 10/21/2012 

Hi everyone!

Sooo sorry for being delayed on updating stories. My workload has been piling up these past days. I promise I’ll have another chapter and maybe a scenario done by Sunday to make it up to you all.

Hope you all have a wonderful week & thank you for being so patient! ♥

Anonymous sent: request: When he sees you as his ideal girl - Kevin/Eli

I will add this onto the list!

Thanks for the request~

Anonymous sent: any tips you could give to someone who would like to write a fanfic??

Keep an open mind!

1. Incorporate some of your experiences into your stories (these can be as simple as going to the grocery store and awkwardly standing near a stranger in an aisle).
2. Imagine situations in your head that you usually day dream of. Remember, fanfics allow you to write about anything, even if it sounds crazy or unrealistic. You can escape reality by writing down your fantasies! Take note of them somewhere so you have a list of what you want to write about even if it’s not the most fitting one for your current story at the moment because you might need it later on.
3. Watch dramas and read other fanfic authors’ stories (you can get a lot of inspiration from these!). It also really helps to read books (preferably the ones that you like, young adult genre perhaps?)

These are just some of the tips that I can think of at the top of my head right now. I’ll probably add onto this list later on if anything comes up again.

Good luck! :)

Kevin: Number One Supporter [Chapter 2]

Before you exited out the meeting room, your design team leader, Allen, handed you a file of papers, “Inside has your assigned tasks and projects with a calendar of each due date.” You thanked him and made your way out of the meeting room, deciding to stroll around the building.

You spotted Janny again, but this time she was ordering a cup of coffee at the building’s cafe. She turned around and waved, “Hey ______!”

You waved hi and walked towards her. “Hey Janny. I really didn’t expect that we would be assigned to the same company.”

"Me neither," she chuckled. "So have you received your file of assignments?"

"Yeah I did. Allen handed the folder to me before I left the room."

"Did you open it yet?"

"No, I could check it later."

"Well you should check it soon," Janny said excitedly. "It has the layout of all the members and which one you’re assigned to do makeup/design for. I got Kevin."

"K-K-Kevin? the slim guy with the eye-smile who’s always near the blonde one?" you asked with a questionable expression.

"Yes, him! Ahh, I am so lucky. He is so dreamy and he’s such a sweetheart. I had a chance to talk to him during the meeting and he is such a gentleman, along with that guy named Eli. They seem to always stick together like brothers." Janny laughed.

"Oh… yeah. They talked to me too. Turns out Kevin and I came from the same state."

"That’s nice. Hey I have to be somewhere soon. I’ll see you around." Janny lifted her eyebrows and walked past by you, almost as if she was skipping.

You stood there in the cafe staring at your folder. “… I wonder who I got,” you mumbled to yourself, “I’m pretty sure it’s not Kevin.” You flipped open the folder and browsed the papers, “ELLISON KIM.”

"Oh my god, I got Eli," you told yourself in shock. "….I can’t believe it. Being Eli’s makeup artist won’t be that bad, it’s actually not a  bad thing since he and Kevin hang out a lot… wait, stop it, _______. You’re not supposed to be thinking about Kevin. Focus on Eli. Eli’s the person you’re assigned," you tried coaching yourself.

You closed the folder and headed for your car. You sat in your car, resting your forehead against the steering wheel. You began to reminisce about back in your university days when Janny was capable of getting any guy she wanted because of her looks and her lustrous charm. “Ugh, why does it matter, ______. You’re here for a job. Don’t get too attached to the members,” you sighed in frustration.

You pulled out of the parking garage and headed home.

"BARK BARK BARK!" your puppy, Kebin, happily ran up to you as you opened the front door to your house. You petted Kebin while he licked your hand. Your cellphone started ringing. The caller ID read "Lina," your best friend. You hit the answer call button.

"Heeeey _______! Are you busy?" Lina cheered from the other line.

"Hey, Lina. Nope, I just got home from work. What’s up?"

"I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out today. I got appointed to manager of our clothing company and I wanted to celebrate."

"Sounds great! When and where?"

"I’ll be at your place by 6pm. We can walk to my favorite outdoor restaurant place. You can bring Kebin along too."

You and Lina ended the conversation and you decided to change out of your business attire clothing to a more comfortable and stylish look. You took out your black skinny jeans, a champagne-colored laced top, and black T-strap flats.

As promised, Lina showed up at your door by 6pm. You grabbed your bag from the counter and fastened the leash on Kebin. You, Lina, and Kebin walked to Lina’s favorite outdoor restaurant.

At the restaurant, you two were seated outside under the fancy umbrella patios and you tied Kebin’s leash onto your chair.

"So how’s your new work place so far, _____?" Lina asked curiously.

"It’s been great except for the fact that I was about 10 minutes late to my first meeting and I work for the same company that the conniving slut from our university was also appointed to."

"JANNY? NO. WAY," Lina shouted and the people sitting around you in the restaurant seemed to turn their attention to your table’s direction.

"Yes, unfortunately," you grimaced, "and I think she found her new victim."

"Who’s the victim?"

"This sweetheart named Kevin Woo. She was assigned to him and-"

"KEVIN. WOO?" Lina shouted again, attracting more attention. You told her to shhh before you two got kicked out of the restaurant. "Kevin Woo from U-Kiss?"

You nodded. “You know them?”

"Do I ever! They’re like my favorite kpop group. No. Way. She’s going to corrupt his innocence."

You gave her a shrug. “I can’t help it. She’s assigned Kevin and I’m assigned Eli. All of the members are so attractive actually. But there’s just something about Kevin that’s so genuine….” your mind started to wander in thought.

All of a sudden you hear a CLINK and a SNAP. From the corner of your eye, you realized that Kebin broke off the leash and started sprinting outside the restaurant to the other side of the street.

"KEBIN, COME BACK!" You jolted out of your seat with Lina trailing behind. "KEBIN, STOP RIGHT THERE!" you ran through the street full of cars, causing a traffic hazard. You screamed Kebin to stop but he wouldn’t listen. You tripped on the side of the curb and skinned your knees, elbows, and hands. You quickly got up and continued to chase Kebin around the block. "KEBIN, KEBIN!!" you persistently yelled.

You looked behind you and it seemed like Lina lost you. You frantically started looking around the building corners to find Kebin, limping your way while the cuts started to sting. “Kebin…….Where are you?!” you cried out again. You were lost among the many pathway turns but all you can think about was finding your puppy. You heard a couple of barking that seemed to resemble to Kebin’s. “KEBIN, WHERE ARE YOU?” you screamed out again. You felt a warm presence of fluffy white fur against your leg. You looked down to find Kebin leaning on your foot. You picked him up and hugged him.

"Hey, ‘lil guy! where’d you go?" you heard someone yell from behind. You turned around to see Kevin jogging towards you.

"…Kevin?" you stood there in shock.

"….______?" he stared at you puzzlingly, "Is that your dog?"

"Yeah. He ran off when I was hanging out with a friend," you explained.

Kevin walked closer to you and petted Kebin. “I actually just got home from my schedule and watched him trailing behind another owner’s dog and he ended up in front of my door step sniffing the flowers,” Kevin laughed.

"Oh, you live around here?"

"Yeah, I live just around the corner. I like to keep hidden because who knows what fans will do when they find out where I live," he winked. "What’s his name?"

"His name’s Kebin," you said shyly.

"What a cute name. It sorta sounds like my name. Kevin, Kebin. Kebin, Kevin," Kevin repeated, almost as if he was singing along to a nursery rhyme.

Kevin stepped back to observe you. “You look like a total mess, ______. Looks like you just came from a fight or something.”

You looked at yourself. Ripped jeans. Skinned elbows. Scratched palms.

"Want to come over to my place? I have a first aid kit," Kevin suggested.

Looking down in embarrassment you agreed.

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Update 10/5/2012

Hi everyone~ I’ll have chapter 2 up by Sunday! Sorry for a bit of a delay x__X

Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous sent: .... *FANGIRLING~ I didn't realize how excited i was about you update until now thankyou~ p.s my friend said your kevin Fanfic was overwhelming and she was glad you wrote it, i agree ^^

Thank you so much ^^ I’m very glad that my stories are worthwhile. Instead of writing a short scenario, I opted for a chapter story so I can input a better developed plot. I’ll try my best to update every week since I already have a somewhat idea of how I want this chapter story to play out~ hehe I’m already excited from just thinking about it ^_^ Thanks to you & your friend for reading~